We had a fun 10 days babysitting Bruiser, a cute little puppy pomeranian. He was so much fun and my kids had a BLAST taking care of him. They wanted to take him everywhere we went. He was so good with the kids–he put up with A LOT of mauling! He was pushed in babystrollers, and carried everywhere. I swear, hit little paws hardly ever touched the floor. The only bad thing about Bruiser was that he wasn’t totally house trained. UGGGG. Halle was so so so sad when Bruiser was going to go home, but she was totally trying not to show it. She said, “Bruiser is a rat dog (Rusty’s affectionate term) who pees on the carpet and I’m not going to miss him at all” All the while she is fighting the tears in her eyes. It was fun to have him for 10 days, but unfortunately for my children, I don’t think we’ll be getting a dog anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Bruiser!

  1. Dogs are not our thing either. It’s ok for a few days, but if they aren’t going to use the great outdoors for their toilet, they aren’t for us! That is really funny what Halle said as the little thing was leaving!

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