Living Nativity Night

Sharon planned a super cute nativity night this year.  She is always so creative!  We had delicious pizza, fruit and salad for dinner and then she showed the kids all the different nativities she had collected over the years.  Some were fun, like legos, and some were intricate and beautiful.  She had sets from all over the world.  We talked about how a nativity represents Christ’s birth and how we can be a living nativity with our words and actions.  Then, we all dressed up, from almost 90 year old Grandpa Miller, to little 5 year old Carson, and took a photo of our family nativity.  I love it!  Sharon printed everyone a copy and put it in a little frame.  This will be part of our Christmas Decor forever.

Josh really took to Ping Pong this trip and played every chance he got.  He is quite the little player!


Then it was present time!  Josh and Blake got fishing poles (Blake CANNOT WAIT to use his!) and Halle got a wifi memory card for her camera.  Such a fun night!


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