Christmas Eve ski at Alta 

Once again we hit the slopes on Christmas Eve. I twisted my ankle a bit on my run the day before and I was kinda hoping it would keep me off my skis 😉 Just kidding. Kind of. I always have a great time once I’m there but Dec skiing is rought for me. Give me Spring!

Josh, Blake, and Carson took a lesson while the rest of us skied Sunnyside. The wind was bitter cold at the top of the lift and we were all glad we weren’t going higher up the mountain. Bridger, Halle and Bode are all great skiers and it’s fun to fly down the slopes with them.

After a few hours on the hill we were ready to warm back up. We hit the lodge and ordered our favorite French fries. It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without Alta French Fries. 

Rusty took Josh on the lift for the first time and he did pretty good! He needed help on the steeper parts but he did well on the flats.

Blake and I hit the tow rope after his lesson. I am not cut out to be a ski teacher. It scares me a little and my arms aren’t strong enough. My biceps burned for days from pulling Blake and myself up on the tow rope. So, we only went down a couple times before I called it quits. Blake is starting to get the hang of it but not as quickly as I’d like.
All in all it was a fun, blustery day on the mountain. We even saw Santa and one of his reindeer (whom Alan thought was dressed like a Lion. The reindeer man didn’t think that was very funny.)

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