Magical day

the girls

Sharon and Alan came for a visit and we had such a wonderful time.  The first day they were here was filled with fun and adventure.  The girls got to have a wonderful day out at the American Girl Doll Store, while the boys finally got to visit the Nintendo and Lego Store. Grandpa Banks sure is brave dragging those two little boys around the city by himself.  Josh has been looking forward to the Nintendo Store for months.  He was so happy.

Us girls had the best time.  We got to go to lunch in the cute little café.  It’s quite the experience!  Both Halle jr, and Julie joined us for our day out.  The dining room is just as cute and can be, and the dolls have their own little seats at the table.  There is a fun little game at the tables, and we had a great time asking each other silly questions like, “Would you rather be able to fly, or to be invisible.”  Halle and Grandma chose to be invisible.  I chose to fly. 

The food was actually great.  We started with cinnamon buns, then a little appetizer try with veggies, cheese, and pretzel bread.  Halle had a tic tac toe pizza for her entrée, and then there was a very yummy chocolate mousse and white cake for dessert. 

Halle’s favorite part was that the dolls had their own chairs and their own little dishes.  Grandma and Moms favorite part was watching Halle soak in all the magic. 

After lunch we splurged and got Julie’s hair done at the doll salon.  I have to say—those AG people think of everything.  And I know it’s totally commercialized, and designed to make me part with my money, but I just love it. 

AG lunchAG collageHalle and Julie

That evening the girls headed out to Broadway while the boys hung out in Central Park.  We went and saw Peter and the Star Catcher.  It was hilarious!  I laughed and laughed. Most of the humor was word play, and so I don’t think Halle really understood the jokes, but there was enough dramatic flair that she still really enjoyed the show.  And I think she loved hanging out with Mom and Grandma and doing grown up things.  It was so fun to take her with us. 

One thought on “Magical day

  1. oh my stars. Seeing all your posts makes me soooo excited to come visit. It also makes me wish gwen was just a little bigger so she could really enjoy all the fun things. But my absolute favorite part is that you let halle's doll go to the salon to her her hair done. I was cracking up. That is awesome. A little girl's paradise.


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