Thanksgiving 2016–just the 5 of us

We were alone for Thanksgiving this year. While we we sad not to have our family nearby, it’s been a hectic few months and we were glad for some time to decompress.

This is the first year that all of us ran the 5k. Blake decided he wanted to give it a go. The weather was sunny, but windy so it made the air feel super cold. Halle ran the race by herself and beat us all. Josh and I ran together. I told him I’d pay him $10 if he ran 2 miles without stopping. It got tough near the end of the 2 miles, but he made it. I was super proud of him. I loved watching his determination. We walked/ran the last mile and had a ton of fun. Blake and Rusty ran together. Blake also ran 2 miles to earn his $10. He was so proud of himself but wasn’t willing to run even one more step. So he and Rusty walked the rest and had a grand time.  There was pumpkin pie at the finish line.


We headed home and started dinner prep. I taught the kids how to set a proper table and each of them helped make one part of dinner. Halle did the peach pie, Josh did the banana creme pie, and Blake made the cranberry sauce.

I was surprised how quick and easy dinner came together. I did the sweet and mashed potatoes the day before and out the turkey breast in the crockpot before we left for the race. When we got home I did the roll and the new addition to Thanksgiving dinner–Snicker salad.

We were feasting in no time!

After dinner we went to see Moana at the Flatirons AMC. We all thought the movie was cute, but not the best by a long shot. We sure did love hearing our favorite Lin Manuel Miranda singing, “We Know Who We Are.”

After the movie we headed to the Toys to share our desserts. What a perfect idea! I brought my lies and Joanna had pumpkin cheesecake, a peanut butter chocolate tart and darling turkey cupcakes. It was all delicious!

The kids had so much fun making a snowman out of a sock and rice. They turned out so cute and it was really cool to watch all the kids use their creativity and individuality to create their snowmen. They were all different and all so fun. It was the perfect end to a great Thanksgiving!

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