California Girls


In exactly 12 days my Ragnar team leaves for Sunny California to run the So Cal race.  200 miles from Huntington Beach to Coronado Island.  Remember how much fun we had at Wasatch Back last year?
This year promises to be even better.  Our team name is Mind Over Mileage or M.O.M.  We have about 40 kids between the 12 of us, so we really wanted to channel our mommy status.  And what could be more “mommy” than a 1950’s housewife?  We played off the brilliance of Anne Traintor and came up with some funny running slogans. We donned our aprons and red lipstick and had an amazing photo shoot.  It was a night we won’t soon forget!  Our fabulously talented teammate Amy edited the photos, and I have to say, they are better than anything we ever imagined.  Check out our Mind Over Mileage blog if you want to see the full effect.

ragnar collage

2 thoughts on “California Girls

  1. You are so motivated! John can't even convince me to run the annual 5k he does every Thanksgiving. He keeps thinking he'll eventually get a marathon buddy, but it won't be me, that's for sure. Have fun!


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