Happy 13th Birthday, Halle!

We woke up and Donald Trump was the POTUS and Halle was a teenager.  I’m not sure which of those things is the most unbelievable 😉

The whole city felt like it had a massive hangover.  It was raining, and people were walking around with glazed expressions.  It was really strange to see the entire energy of the city change from the night before to the morning.  But, nothing could get us down!  We had a birthday girl to celebrate!

First up, the moment she’s been waiting for and dreaming about….Cronuts!  Maple Pecan with Salted Sugar to be exact.  This is how you truly know the world had turned upside down: there was NO line.  Like, not even one person in front of us.  We definitely needed a Frozen S’more to go with our cronuts and it was fun to watch them torch the homemade marshmallow right in front of us.

We planned on eating our way through the Village and that’s exactly what we did.  Bantam Bagels were next.  These are little bagel bites filled with different flavored cream cheese.  We tried French Toast, Pizza, Hot Pretzel, and Cinnamonster. Photo from google 🙂

Image result for bantam bagels

We made a quick stop to see the arch at Washington Square Park and listen to the protesters who were starting to form there.

Pommes Frites might be our favorite stop of the trip.  A giant cone of freshly cooked, perfectly crispy fries?  YES, PLEASE!  We enjoyed our mountain of fries with awesome dipping sauces like Mango Chutney, Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo, and Barbecue.  2016-11-09-12-54-20sight_2016_11_09_130231_591

And our final foodie spot was at ICE.NY.  We been really looking forward to trying Thai Rolled Ice Cream and it didn’t disappoint!  It was really fun to watch them make and roll the ice cream.


It was time to send Grandma and Grandpa to the airport.  How could we thank them enough?  If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to have this fun adventure together.  They are the best.

We had one last stop to make before heading to the airport ourselves.  Halle had birthday money from the Cornell’s to spend, and what better way to spend it than at the Hamilton store?  She found the perfect shirt and the rest of us had a great time browsing around.  It was the perfect way to end our time in NYC.

We had an uneventful flight home, the best kind of flight.  But the fun didn’t stop there!  We had presents to open for the birthday girl.  Do you think I’ll be able to get them to sit in the birthday chair until they leave home?


She got a Marauders Map iPad case, a Veterinarian set for her doll, a Hogwarts shirt sent from Sadie, and a new sweater for Princess.  A few days later, a darling Hermionie outfit for her doll arrived from G&G Banks.


We love you Halle girl and know we are going to have so much fun with you in your teenage years!

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