Museum of Science


We were in need of a little down time, so we decided to take the day off on Tuesday. The kids enjoyed sleeping in, playing on their ipods and lounging around.  We hit the park, and then had dinner at Shake Shack.  It was a great way to reset and give our bodies a little break. 

That meant we were ready to hit it hard at the Museum of Science the next day.  It was such a fun place, and even after 4 hours, we weren’t ready to go when the museum closed.  We loved creating our own fish in the virtual fish tank, learning about modeling, doing mathematics at the park, and seeing a cute little meerkat up close and personal.  But or favorite exhibit was the Hall of Human Life.  We all wore a wristband that scanned in at different stations where we tested our balance, learned about pupil response to fear, measured the size of our ears, and tested to see how easily distracted we were. 

museum of science

After the Museum closed it was off to the North End to meet Tricia and Ann Marie for dinner.  We were headed to Giacomos and I knew there was going to be a wait.  The kids were already starving, so we made a quick pit stop to Dunkin Donuts. In an incredulous voice Josh said, “We get Sugar before dinner???  I LOOOOVE BOSTON!”


At Giacomos I had a delicious fettuccini with clams, mussels and lobster.  mmmmm. After dinner we stopped at Modern for a pasty that we ate on the Greenway nearby.  What fun to see Tricia and catch up.  That girl definitely has a special place in my heart.  I’ve said it before, but we lived a pretty idyllic childhood in the AF 19th ward.  It was fun to tell Halle some of our growing up memories from when I was her age.  The evening rushed by way too quickly. 

IMG_4318 We didn’t wear our watches for most of the day, so these are the steps we took at the museum and walking to dinner:

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