Our Amazing Josh

(One item of business….there is no spell check on this newest version of Open Live writer.  So….#sorrynotsorry for all the typos in the last few posts)  It’s been a fun month for our cute Josh. I am so proud of him and all his determination.  We lovingly refer to Josh as our own little Eeyore because often he has a gloomy attitude.  But, once you light a fire under this kid, there is no stopping him. 
First up this month in the amazing accomplishments of Josh….The school spelling bee.  He DID not want to do this.  The entire school took a vocabulary test and then the top 10 students from each grade level were invited to participate in the spelling bee.  He was afraid of making a mistake and so he didn’t want to try.  We had many long talks about how our mistakes don’t define us, how taking risks helps us grow, and about experiencing every opportunity we can.  We finally convinced him to give it a shot.  He studied hard and made it to the third round before getting out.  Afterward, he was pretty proud of himself and I think he was glad he had tried. 
Feb 11 spelling bee
Then, on Feb 18th, he reached his goal of running 100 miles!  He was the second kid in the 3rd grade to reach 100 miles this year.  It takes a lot of determination to go out and run 4 morning a week.  The club meets if the temperature is above 20 degrees.  So, he’s spent some cold mornings pounding the pavement.  When he sets a goal, he shows a lot of strength and grit as he works to accomplish it.  He doesn’t love competition, so individual goals like this work really well for him.  It made my heart proud to see all his fellow running club members form a tunnel for him to run through and chant his name as he ran his final lap. 
2016-02-18 08.20.00
2016-02-18 08.20.48-2
2016-02-18 08.18.22 HDR
This month he also knocked another goal off his New Year Resolutions.  He completed 100 math facts in under 5 minutes.  His reward?  A Nuggets game with Dad in a few weeks. 
2016-02-25 19.23.33
Josh, we love you and are so proud of all you accomplish.  You are a force to be reckoned with. 

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