Living the charmed life

Not every day is butterflies and rainbows, but I have to admit—life is good!  In between all the hard, mundane parts, we get lots of fun moments, sad moments, learning moments, and growing moments.  Here are a few moments we’ve had this Spring.

Growing moments. Blake in swimming lessons.  This was ROUGH.  Blake hates being told what to do, thus he hates swim lessons.  And, although he loves to swim, apparently he hates putting his head in the water.  After 4 months, and many expensive private lessons, he finally loves swimming lessons and is doing great!IMG_0361
Josh and Halle took lessons as well, and they are both becoming quite the little expert swimmers! (Halle says she’s not little)

Learning moments. Josh’s kindergarten class incubated chicks.  This is a bad picture, but two of the little chicks had just hatched and were still in the incubator.  They were so sweet and were the hit of the classroom for the 20 days they got to keep them. 


School moments.  We recently had Mustache Day, and 50’s Day at school.  They even learned the sock hop. So cute!

IMG_0379 IMG_0457

Sad moments.  Saying goodbye to our dear friends The Bohns.  The kids threw a little going away party that was so sad and so much fun all at the same time.  Luckily they are only going to Ft. Collins, so we’ll still get to see them.  But we will miss having them so close. 



Fun Moments!  Every year our town hosts a hot air balloon festival.  It’s only about 1/2 mile from our house.  We got to watch them set up all the balloons and then oooh and ahhh as they took to the skies.  Love this tradition.  Next year we’re gonna see if we can snag a ride in one of those balloons. 🙂

IMG_0467 IMG_0486 - Copy IMG_0492 - Copy IMG_0492 IMG_0494 - Copy

IMG_0496 - Copy

Learning Moments.  We are growing our little garden for the second year. We didn’t get to enjoy very much of it last year because we went to NYC and obviously the garden pretty much died while we were gone.  So we are excited to get to enjoy it all summer this year!

IMG_0504 IMG_0505

2 thoughts on “Living the charmed life

  1. So good to get caught up on what you are up to. It feels like forever since I've seen/talked with you. Love you and can't wait to hang out in a couple weeks.


  2. They are so cute. I hate missing all of this. When I retire, I'm going to fly out for kindergarten graduation and piano recitals and soccer games. Thanks for posting all this so that we can see it.


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