Family Pics at Golden Gate Bridge

We were trying to get on the road as fast as possible.  Rusty went to get the rental car at 7am and I finished up some last minute packing.  Rusty scored a sweet parking spot right in front of our house.  We couldn’t believe our good luck.  I was upstairs getting some suitcases and came back down to see the meter maid at the car. Behind her loomed the big street sweeper.  No wonder we scored the spot.  No one was allowed to park on the street because it was cleaning day!  She was nice and didn’t give us a ticket and Rusty zoomed the car around the block.  But since we knew the sweeper was now done, he just pulled right back around and we finished loading up the car. As we were crossing the bridge for the last time on our way to the Redwood Forest I couldn’t resist one last stop at Battery Johnson to take some pictures.  And I’m soooo glad I did.  The skies were beautiful, the view was gorgeous and since it was earlier in the morning, almost no one was there. It was the perfect ending to our San Fran Summer.
2016-08-10 09.28.01

I really wish people wouldn’t put their finger in my pictures.  I’m starting to think they all do it on purpose…
2016-08-10 09.26.42


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