Boston Harbor Islands

We headed out on the ferry to Boston Harbor Islands for a little history, and a little beach time.  The ferry leaves near Christopher Columbus Park, and in about 45 minutes you are transported to Georges Island, home to a Civil War era fort that was built to protect Boston Harbor.  The kids loved the ferry ride, and gave us a great view of the Boston skyline.
harbor islands

On Georges Island, the kids had the chance to become Jr Rangers by completing some activities that taught them about life at Ft Warren.  We had fun running around to the different activities and filling out our Jr Ranger books.  When they were complete, the kids were sworn in as Jr Rangers and received special badges. 

We had a very special tag along today.  Meet our newest family member, Princess.  Halle fell in love with her at the Aquarium last week and has been working hard to earn the money to buy her.  She’s been eager to do tasks such as make lunch, read Blake stories, empty the dishwasher and other chores.  I have to say, I’m kinda sad all the money is earned.  It’s nice to have such a happy helper around! 

After we had thoroughly explored Georges Island, we hopped back on the ferry and went to Spectacle island.  The kids were happy to play in on the rocky beach and dodge all the jellyfish in the water. 
spectacle island

Of course, Blake fell asleep on the ferry on the way home.  And I was wishing for a nap too!  Rusty met us at the harbor and we all went to dinner.  We were exhausted and it was late, so Rusty used the Uber app to call us a car.  Josh was so interested in how it worked, and Rusty told him he was going to be amazed that a car would show up to take us home in a matter of minutes.  Imagine Josh’s delight when Rusty pushed send and about 10 seconds later the car that was about 10 feet away waved us over.  Josh thought it was all like magic.  I was also very grateful not to have to walk another mile to/from subway stations to get home. 

Steps we took today:

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