San Francisco Zoo

The micro climates in SF are so interesting.  It is usually sunny and warmish in Noe Valley, but whenever we leave our cute neighborhood we freeze!  The zoo was no exception.  It was a beautiful day at our house, and a miserable, cold, foggy day at the zoo.  We all would have liked to be dressed a little warmer but the cool weather meant that the animals were quite active.  We loved the Chimpanzees.  They were jumping and hooting and hollering louder than I’ve ever heard.  It was so funny.

And the penguins were hilarious too.  They were making noises that sounded a whole lot like wookies.  And all the penguins would gather around the one that was squawking at the moment.   Josh said it was like penguin church.  One talking and everyone else listening.

2016-07-20 13.11.372016-07-20 14.07.58-1

And of course, we came home with three new additions to the family.  It was love at first sight for Halle and her pink Zebra, Rosie. Josh thinks his Tiger, Trevor is pretty awesome, and Blake loves his tiny little cheetah, Kyle.  It’s a good thing I only have to pay human bus fare!

2016-07-20 16.13.48-2

Halle hauled Princess, Stripes and Chuck in her backpack today.  She said Princess was feeling kind of left out and hadn’t been on an adventure in awhile.  Princess loved the african savannah with all the giraffes, zebras and ostriches.

2016-07-20 11.42.48

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