Boulder Creek Trail

Last Saturday we made a trek over to the Boulder Creek Trail. This is a wonderful little path that meanders through Boulder along the creek. The kids had a great time splashing in the water and throwing sticks and rocks. Throwing stick and rocks into water is seriously one of their favorite pass times. I should just fill up some buckets in the back yard, give them a pile of rocks, and I probably wouldn’t see them for hours!
There are these cute little “kids fishing ponds” along the path that we had never seen before. A man and his daughter were there fishing and Halle and Josh were fascinated. The man was so nice and offered them both a few turns with an extra fishing pole he had. They didn’t catch a fish, but they sure had fun trying. Another man did catch a fish and he brought it over to them to see while it was still flopping around. They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

And what would a trip to Boulder be if you didn’t see anything wild and crazy. We witnessed the 2nd annual Big Wheel Rally. This is apparently where adults dress up in crazy costumes (gold capes, bright red tutus, wigs and masks of all sorts, boas, etc) and ride around a big circle on their big wheels. It was pretty entertaining and this pic doesn’t do it justice at all. Josh was pretty upset that he couldn’t ride one of the big wheels.

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  1. That picture of Blake almost makes it look like he's gonna float down the river in his car seat – kinda like baby Moses! 🙂 Cute kids!

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