Our San Fran Home

We love our apartment.  It is by far our favorite.  It is 1300 square feet of awesome.  A few days after we got here Josh said, “Let’s make a list about what we love about our apartment.


It has space in all the right places.  We are the upper apartment so steep stairs greet you at the door.  Up the stairs is an entry way perfect for scooters, coats, shoes, and backpacks.
2016-07-23 09.58.582016-07-23 09.59.18

Then, behind the kitchen is a giant laundry room.
2016-07-23 09.56.21
The bathroom is off the laundry room and the toilet has a bidet.  Josh thinks that is the coolest thing in the world.  Although I don’t know if he’s ever actually used it.
2016-07-23 09.57.292016-07-23 09.57.37

The ceilings are super tall–15 feet so even though rooms are small I don’t feel cramped at all.  The kitchen is little but has lot of room for storage.
2016-07-23 09.58.142016-07-23 09.58.39

The Living Room is perfect for watching Full House 🙂
2016-07-23 10.00.092016-07-23 10.00.24

The kids absolutely love their bedrooms.  Josh’s is on the main floor just off the living room
2016-07-11 16.21.23

And after another steep stair climb we get to Halle and Blake’s rooms upstairs. They share a bathroom between their rooms.  Halle is in love with her sloped ceilings, giant window, and fun little cupboards and closets all over her room.  The view is pretty awesome too.

2016-07-23 10.01.48
2016-07-11 16.23.27-12016-07-11 15.36.552016-07-23 10.11.50

I’m pretty sure Blake stole the master bedroom.  But no amount of coaxing or threatening could make him move downstairs once he was already settled in.
2016-07-23 10.12.39 HDR

I don’t have a picture of our room because we never make our bed.

And the outside is just as adorable as the inside.
2016-07-12 12.15.55-22016-07-12 12.16.20


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