SoWa Open Market

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FOOD TRUCK HEAVEN.  25 trucks, one giant parking lot.  We were all pretty disappointed in the Farmer’s Market portion of this Open Market, Boulder’s is about 1000 times better.  But, the food trucks more than made up for it.  What fun!  It was so hard to decide what to get.  And my indecision cost me.  The kids spent all my $$, so I mostly just munched on their leftovers.  I did get my very own Crispy Cauliflower from the Dining Car.  It was cauliflower lightly coated in corn flour, fried and dressed with a curry aioli.  Surprisingly, no one wanted to share with me!


Josh had pizza, Halle a very messy nutella strawberry crepe, and Blake picked Roxy’s grilled cheese. 
Sowa Open market

We had to get dessert from the Frozen Hoagie, just because the name made me laugh.  The ice cream sandwiches were fantastic.  Halle declined the treat.  She said she “lost her sweet tooth” at the Chocolate Bar. And now, I promise I won’t blog about food for at least a couple of days.  Unless I eat something great.  Then I’ going to have to tell you about it.

We then scootered back to the subway and headed to church.  Gospel Doctrine was fascinating today.  The teacher was an Old Testament Academic, and knew everything about everything. 

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