Fisherman’s Warf

Rusty here.  I got home Thursday  from Chicago and it felt so normal to get off at the Mission station on 24th street and head to our San Francisco home. Amazing how fast you can get used to things.  I walked by the Mexican bakery on 24th street and I didn’t want to come home empty handed (but mostly because I was really hungry) I stopped by and picked up some pastries.  My favorite is the custard filled pie covered in sugar.  I came around the corner to Fair Oaks and Josh and Blake jumped out at me on their scooters and scared me.  Tara had tracked me and saw me coming and sent the boys to surprise me.  We came home and I hurried and ate something because everyone was going stir crazy and we hopped on the BART and to the Emarcadero then on the streetcar MUNI which would take us to Fishermans warf.  I really don’t like the smell on Fishermans warf.  It’s not that I don’t like the smell of seafood but to me it smells like rotting seafood.
2016-07-21 14.41.51

We went next to Fishermans wharf where there is a Hyde Park dock from the National Parks service where they have preserved a bunch of ships.  There is an old shipping boat and a sailing boat and a tug boat and a ferry boat.  The tug boat was closed.  The shipping boat was neat with a neat video and exhibit.  The fire alarm went off while we were underneath.  What is it with us and fire alarms on this trip?  It was very windy.
2016-07-21 15.47.02

But it was clear and there were great views of the bridge from the top of ships.  Blake couldn’t resist playing in the sand near the water and within minutes he was soaked.
2016-07-21 15.55.292016-07-21 16.06.072016-07-21 16.13.44

We walked back towards Pier 39 and Tara needed to hop on a conference call for the temple celebration so we went to Marlows Magical Mirror Maze which I had read about.  It was actually pretty fun.  It cost $5, cash only, which we didn’t have but we found a way to pay online.  I had fun for about 15 minutes. I found the exit once and then Josh was with me and was kind of getting upset and then it had me going a little crazy too.  So we found a nearby emergency exit (not the alarmed kind) and slipped out of the maze.  It is a bunch of mirrors so you can’t tell what is a wall and you can see 50 reflections of you all around the room. Everybody lasted about 20 minutes and then was pretty bored.
2016-07-21 18.08.07

We met back up with Tara and by this time everyone was starving.  I was Hangry.  Blake wanted a hot dog.  We caught the street car back to the Embarcadero. Blake saw a Subway.  He and Josh decided a turkey sandwich sounded great.  Tara and I waited until we were back on mission street where we ate at another Taqueria right by the subway station which was very good.  I went home with the boys and Tara brought it to us.  The super burrito was MASSIVE.  Enough for two meals at least.  It felt great to be home.


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