Santa Claus is coming to town!

Ok–so here they are–our beautiful kids with their favorite Jolly Man. I have to quote Shaylah here and say ‘This will not be the last time we torture our kids to take their cute picture!”
So, vote for your favorite Santa pic. Parents, please don’t stack the votes in favor of your child. Instead, send our blog link to family and friends and have them vote for your little Christmas Angel.

Braxton Loveridge

Hayden Nelson

Kaitlyn Hiatt

Talamage Pulley

Halle Banks

Jenna and Lilly Yates

and these two are just for you’re viewing pleasure of baby Rusty and baby Tara and Natalie

4 thoughts on “Santa Claus is coming to town!

  1. Hayden Nelson gets my vote. I mean, it looks like his mother obviously wanted to win the photo contest as it appears she is shoving him onto Santa’s lap, and with all the therapy that kid will need in the future, I say let them have the satisfaction of knowing they won the first annual Tara and Rusty Banks Scared of Santa photo contest.


  2. Hey Tara, It’s an old BYUH 2000 buddy here, Tori (Bishop) Nichols. Thanks to Mandy’s update email last month I saw your blog and couldn’t believe that you were at The Parade of Lights in Denver. We just moved to Parker (SE of Denver). It would have been really trippy if we would have run into each other that night! But I was way too cold to have noticed anyone. Any way, do you live in Denver? If so, we should meet up for a play group or something sometime.Happy New Year!Tori


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