Sunday Christmas 2016

The kids kept with tradition of sleeping in.  They didn’t get up till about 7:30.  And then they ran in and pounced on Dad to wake him up.  2016-12-25-07-58-41

After we got Dad up and Grandma and Grandpa downstairs, the kids came out to see that Santa had come!

Blake went first.  He read his letter from Santa, smiled at his Squirtle ornament, and ripped into his gift.  Santa had done it!  Blake is not the proud owner of a hamster!  Santa left a gift card to Petsmart and as soon as we got back from Utah we headed to pick up our new pet.  After much deliberation, Blake is now the proud papa to Chippy, a darling Syrian longhair Teddy Bear hamster.  She’s so cute and we love her!

Josh went next. He got a Pikachu ornament.  And I think his reaction will go down as one of my all time favorite Christmas reactions.  Santa found a Big Peanut!  Peanut has been discontinued and so Josh thought there was no way he could get him.  But, Santa is amazing and now Josh’s Peanut collection is complete.  He has the tiny, medium, and now big Peanut.  Santa also brought Josh a smart watch.

Halle was last. She got a Finding Dory ornament.  Santa was sneaky with her too!  She had seen a beautiful doll dress and coat at Gardner Village the other day.  How did Santa know?  He is amazing.  Halle also got a Delta Wing Scooter.  Her and Grandpa had a great time putting it together.

Every year the kids all have special wrapping paper.  And it’s a secret as to whose wrapping paper is whose.  I started it a few years ago after everyone kept guessing what their presents were.  This way it’s harder for them to guess.  After some more present fun (Blake’s shark blanket was a big hit), it was time for THE BIG ONE.

WE ARE GOING ON A DISNEY CRUISE!!!  With the Bohns!  Could there be anything more awesome than that?  We sail on Jan 30th.  All of us are VERY excited.

Next on the agenda?  Finding the stockings hidden by those silly elves!

After a fun treasure hunt, they found their stockings under the upstairs Christmas tree.  Princess got a new accessory in Halle’s stocking this year.

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for Church.  There is something really lovely about a Sunday Christmas and the program was just beautiful.

In the evening we headed up to the Banks house for soup and more fun with our cousins.  Sadly, I only took one picture.  But it’s a cute one!

It was a beautiful Christmas and we feel so grateful to get to share these moments with our extended family.  It makes everything seem so magical.  We appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making us feel welcome and loved, even though we know it adds heaps of work to Susan and Sharon’s plates.  It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas if we weren’t with our families.

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