First day of school 2015

It’s official.  Summer is over and we are back in school.  It was quite the crazy morning.  Halle’s bus comes at 7:32 which is WAY earlier than we are used to being ready for school.  We were rushing like mad to pull everything together and were running down the street to catch the bus.  We barely made it!  There was no time for tender goodbyes and before I blinked she was on the bus and and pulling away.  She is so ready for Middle School and I am so excited for her.  What a fun year it’s going to be!
Halle 6th grade
Blake and Josh had a little more time to get ready, which is good.  Josh came down wearing a size 5 shirt, and we noticed a big rip in Blake’s shorts right before we were heading out the door.  Good grief.  Who takes care of those ragamuffins? Winking smile As per tradition Dad walked with us to school on the first day.  Both kids eagerly rushed into their classrooms. 
Josh 3rd GradeBlake 1st grade
I had mixed feelings about today.  Part of me is so ready to have some time to myself.  After summer, my to do list is 20 miles long. I’m excited to focus on me a little more.  Develop some more hobbies, find ways to be involved and serve in my community.  Put most of me is really sad.  It’s the ending of an era.  An era filled with little feet running around the house. Of tiny people who require so much love and attention.  Little sticky hands and mounds of dumped out toys. Gymnastics classes, soccer, trips to the zoo, playdates, and always having a buddy at my side to “help” with all my errands.  I think I’m going to be pretty lonely!  But, I’m so proud of the strong, independent, resourceful kids they are becoming and I know this next chapter will bring on its own set of joys and its own set of challenges.  Bring it on!  We are ready!
Last night we had our annual Back to School dinner.  Our family theme for this year is taken from the new Cinderella movie.  “Have Courage and Be Kind.”  We talked about how we can develop these character traits in ourselves and why they are important.  Each year I make the kids a key chain to put on their backpack.  This year the lion charm was to remind them to Have Courage.  The Be Kind charm is self explanatory Winking smile Then they each got a charm in the shape of the state of Colorado with a heart in the middle to remind them no matter where their dreams take them they always have a home full of love to return to. 
Each child wrote 3 words that they want to be this school year.  It was so cute to see what they wrote.  Blake’s reads: Smart, Faithful, and couraging. 
We ended the night with Father’s Blessings.  These kids are full of so many talents and I am so blessed they are mine!
I know they are going to be amazing this year.
back to school dinner

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