Back to School Bash III

Every year it’s bigger and better.  This year we used 71 ice blocks and 108 donuts.  It was so fun to see the kids slipping and sliding down the hill.  For some reason, Blake was adamant that he was not going to participate this year.  I coaxed him down the hill a few times, but he stayed pretty true to his word, preferring the tire swing instead.  On the other hand, Halle outlasted every kid at the party.  She was the first one on the hill, and the last one to be done.  I love this tradition.  It’s the perfect way to end our summer of fun.


Every year the Moms take over the hill for a few runs.  It’s hilarious to see the roll reversal.  All the moms on ice blocks and all the kids at the bottom of the hill with cameras out.


back to school bash

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