Beautiful Breckenridge


BlogFrog was helping sponsor the Savvy Blogging Conference last weekend in Breckenridge. Rusty was already going up there for the conference, so the kids and I decided to make the 2 hour drive into the mountains and join him for the weekend. The conference lasted until Sat evening, so the kids and I had Saturday to ourselves to explore the town. We went swimming at the hotel (always a favorite), had a picnic by the river (which turned into a very rainy picnic!) snuggled up and watched “Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel” while we waited for the rain to pass, and then ate pizza at “Eric’s”.” Yummy. The next day we got to take a family hike to see some horses (Halle’s favorite part), ride the gondola (Josh’s favorite part), and take another fun hike in search of some beavers. (Which we never found). But it was one of the least whiny hikes to date. So we’ll take it. Josh and Halle loved jumping on the bed and eating out all the time. We have decided that when we are BlogFrog gadzillionaires that we will have a second home in Breckenridge 🙂

Best Quote from the trip: Rusty was with the kids in the hot tub, and Halle said, “Dad, hot tubs are so romantic.” What??? You’re 6 Halle, no need for romance yet.


3 cute kids DSC_2457


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