Blake Sleeps

It’s time for another installment of my favorite Blog Series, “Blake Sleeps.”

Blake sleeps after a long day of sprinklers and sidewalk chalk
Photo Jun 01, 4 31 33 PM

Blake sleeps with his head twisted at a very odd angle

Photo Apr 08, 10 24 25 PM

Blake takes a sunday nap on the floor in the living room after throwing a fit for an hour that he couldn’t play his ipod.
Photo Aug 02, 4 42 24 PM

Blake sleeps in Mom and Dad’s bed whenever he gets the chance.

Photo Feb 07, 9 27 53 PM

Blake snuggles with Josh while they read Minecraft books together.

Photo Feb 28, 8 59 26 AM

Blake uses his seatbelt as a pillow.  Now that he’s 6, he decided he didn’t need the back of his booster seat anymore.

Photo Jul 02, 3 03 21 PM

Blake uses a Gatorade wrapper as an eye mask to block that pesky sun

Photo Jul 03, 5 02 12 PM

Blake sleeping like an adorable angel after a long, hard day on mom.

Photo May 13, 9 27 08 PM

Blake sleeps on the drive to Utah.  He regrets his decision to ditch the back of the booster seat with its comfy headrest.

Photo Jun 25, 9 46 42 AM

Blake sleeps with 1 million stuffed animals.

Photo Sep 01, 10 22 20 PM

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