One Last Day

This trip went by so quickly!  We feel like we were just getting started and it was time to go.  We woke up and headed to 9am church at the Kalaheo ward.  Rusty really wanted to give the kids a chance to see how unique it was to go to church in flip flops and shorts and say, “Alooooha!” at the beginning of every talk. We were running a bit late and my parents left before we did.  As they were leaving, my Dad said, “It might be pretty crowded so we might not be able to save you a seat.”  We said we’d look for them when we got there, but not to worry about us.  We arrived just a couple min late, couldn’t see my parents, so we just took a seat in the front row.  After a little bit Rusty saw them sitting in the back.  About 1/2 way through sacrament meeting he sent Blake back to sit with them but they were nowhere to be seen!  Turns out they sat in the back so they could save seats and they didn’t see us come in.  They thought we had changed our minds and didn’t come, so they left early!  I felt so bad. 

But I sure do love our little Mormon Community.  Guess who we saw at church?  The cinnamon roll lady from Costco!  What a small world.  We also chatted with the missionaries for a bit, and found out they knew Landon Hathaway, a missionary from our Colorado ward. Landon was on the Big Island at the time, but one of the Elders had served with him previously. 

After church we went to the Poipu shopping are and did a little souvenir shopping.  Josh got a shark and another lobster.  Blake got a gecko named Holo. (pronounced Hollow).  And Halle got a dolphin named selikie. Yipee.  More stuffed animals to add to our crew.

The kids also had a special surprise for Grandpa and Grandma.  They performed the “Hukilau” and their skills would give the best Hawaiian dancers a run for their money.

From there it was all about the beach.  We ate a quick lunch and then headed to the “Sheraton Beach” which was by Poipu beach.  It was pretty good but the surf was so strong (and it was high tide) that it was knocking everyone around pretty good.  Rusty rented a surf board for $10.  He couldn’t catch any waves but I took it after and caught a couple. I ordered us some food from the bar at and then we went swimming in the hotel pool.

IMG_5193 IMG_5198 IMG_5200

Then, the highlight of the day. FUNKY MONKEY SHAVE ICE. Banana and coconut shave ice over a bed on chocolate macadamia nut ice cream. Topped with a drizzle of fudge.  I declare this to be the best shave ice on the face of the earth. 

Photo Oct 26, 8 46 38 PM
We were trying catch the sunset at Brennecke on Poipu beach.  It was hard to get everyone showered and ready to go. We made it with about 3 minutes to spare. The drive to Brennecke was along the beach and it was gorgeous with the sun setting creating amazing beautiful colors. This was easily the prettiest sunset of the whole trip.

WP_20141026_015 WP_20141026_018We sat upstairs and all the windows were open to the palm trees and the ocean.  It was amazing.   From there it was sadly time to load up the car and go.  

First was Kauai airport to Honolulu. Then Honolulu to Phoenix.  Trying to figure out all the seat assignments was a challenge in itself because for some reason we never had the 5 of us together the way we wanted.  The redeye was a pain.  Nobody would try to lay on the floor.  Josh laying on Rusty and Halle was being so sad because she couldn’t lay on anybody. It was rough. Blake and I fared a little better.  He curled up on on lap and then I could stretch my legs across his seat.  

Photo Oct 27, 1 01 40 PMWe had to RUN from our plane in Phoenix to catch the Denver flight.  And then we proceeded to sit at the gate for 20 minutes 🙂  From there it was a relatively short flight home. We were wasted from the redeye and spent the rest of the day unpacking and just laying around.  We were so sad to see this trip end, but so glad for the amazing memories we made along the way.

Even with Hurricane Ana, one ear infection, one awful cough, a lost driver license and subsequent full body pat down at the airport, drown iPhone, and leaving my Kindle on the airplane in Phoenix, I’d say we had a pretty magical trip!

Until next time Hawaii, Mahalo!

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