Halloween 2016

I couldn’t find the Halloween spirit this year and so I made my kids a deal.  If they would wear something we already had, or that I could easily get for free, I’d pay them $10.  Josh and Blake took the bait.  Josh decided to wear his Pikachu hat that he got in San Francisco and Blake decided to be a Zombie with a costume Amber had given to us.  Halle had her heart set on being Angelica Schuyler, so we found her a darling costume on Amazon.

When my mom was out for the Temple Dedication we hit up the pumpkin patch.  We actually went to 2 different patches.  We picked out our pumpkins at Rock Creek, but due to a very windy day all the fun bounce houses and slides and whatnot weren’t up.  So, we headed over to our favorite, Cottonwood.  We played in the hay maze and corn maze, fed the animals, and got some cute pics.

The kids really wanted to carve pumpkins this year.  I usually never let them because I hate carving.  It’s a mess, it’s hard and the pumpkins go bad so quickly.  But since there were 3 adults I gave in and let them carve.  They loved it.  Halle’s pumpkin is Harry Potter, Josh’s has a big mustache, and Blake had fun being creative with his.  They looked cute on the porch for a few days but were a mushy pile of goo by Halloween.

Halle got to march with the High School Marching Band in the Longmont Halloween Parade.  She loved it and the band played great!

A special treat this year–Dad went to the Black Rock Halloween parties!  The boys thought that was so fun.


And the girls got a special breakfast at the Rose Cafe

I got to be in charge of the Mia Maid activity earlier in the week and we made Emoji Pumpkins.  They turned out so cute!

Trick or Treating was a blast as always.  Halle went up to Grace’s neighborhood while the boys stuck closer to home.  Later in the evening we met up with the Rowberry clan and closed Vista Ridge down.  At the end of the night people were just emptying all their treats into the kids’ buckets because we were some of the last Trick or Treaters left.

The haul this year was enormous.  I feel like no one should have this much candy in 5 years, let alone in one night! This picture shows probably 1/4 of the total amount.

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