Temple Trip

For the quarterly Primary activity the kids got to go down and do a tour of the Denver Temple. They took them all over the grounds and told fun stories about specific parts of the temple. The kids got to learn how important temples are in Heavenly Father’s plan for us. Halle and Josh both loved it! Josh had never seen the Denver Temple before, but as soon as we drove up he started shouting “temple, temple!” Halle loved seeing pictures of the Bridal room, sitting on the Brides Bench, and seeing a “real live” bride come out of the temple after her wedding. They ended the tour in the little temple annex that has a beautiful mural of the universe and a statue of Jesus. We have a professional photographer in our ward who took everyone’s family picture out in front–I’ll post that when I get it back. It was a great activity that really hit home with the kids. Thanks Primary Presidency for planning it!

Primary Kids from 5 Stakes saved up money by fundraising and saving their allowance to buy three “Brides Benches” that are in the back of the temple. This is Halle sitting on one of the brides benches dreaming of her own wedding day. At chuch today she said, “Maybe Issac will marry me” I’d be the happiest mom alive if he did!

Now here’s just some random stuff we’ve been up to:
The kids with their favorite summer treat–popsicles!

–Just Plain Funny!

–Playing in the backyard

7 thoughts on “Temple Trip

  1. How fun, I absolutely love the grounds of the Denver temple. Man I wish we had made it to CO and not ID, oh well what can you do. In response to your question we are leaning towards naming our little one Elliette with some sort of middle name Nelson.

  2. I love going to see the temple with the kids. My girls think it is a huge castle and love to see all the princesses come out in their beautiful white gowns. It is so beautiful there to!!!

  3. Your temple trip sound so neat. What a great thing for the primary kids to see. It looks like you guys are having a fun summer. Love Ya

  4. What an activity! I don’t think I could ever pull off something like that. That is awesome. And your kids are getting so big, I just cannot believe it! So cute!

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