Pumpkin Pizza Palace and Kids against Hunger

Our business is back!  The kids ran the Pumpkin Pizza Palace for the second year.  Every year around Halle and Josh’s birthday we try to think of a way in which we can give to those around us. This year they decided to donated 25% of their pizza earnings to Kids Against Hunger.  We took pizza and sugar cookie orders before we left for Hawaii and spent the days right after we got home shopping, prepping,baking, and delivering.  We figured out a good system last year, and we were MUCH more efficient this year. We banged out 25 pizza and 5 dozen cookies in no time 🙂

 IMG_0009  IMG_0016IMG_0015Then about a week later we were joined by many of our friends as we packaged meals for kids in need.  My kids were so proud to present their donation to the team leader at Kids Against Hunger.  Thanks to the hard work and generosity of our friends, we were able to package 1944 meals. We had a contest near the end to see which side of the room could package 10 meals the fastest.  Dom brought the winners donuts the next morning.  The kids thought that was so fun. They also loved rotating through the stations so they all had a chance to package, seal, and box up the food.  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by kind, generous, big hearted people!  It was a night we won’t soon forget. 


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