Kauai Bike Path


Today started out with a trip to the Kilauea Lighthouse.  Anyone who knows my dad knows that lighthouses cannot be missed.  Josh said, “I really like this lighthouse.  But that doesn’t even compare to how much Papa loves it!”  The lighthouse sits on a bird sanctuary so the Park Ranger told the kids if they could each come back with one new fact about birds they would get a special prize. They came back with all sorts of random facts and were rewarded with stickers and tattoos. They had fun looking for birds with the binoculars and we even spotted a pod of dolphins out in the ocean.

IMG_5127 IMG_2725

We then drove back to Kapaa and ate our lunch of turkey on Costco rolls, a bag of chips, and a bag of cookies.  We ate this same lunch every day in Hawaii 🙂

Next up was Josh’s favorite adventure.  We biked 10 miles on the Kauai Bike Path.  It was so fun to have the sea breeze blowing as we peddled along on our cruiser bikes.  Rusty and Blake used a Tag Along bike which thrilled Blake to no end.  He loved the illusion that he was actually riding a bike.  He was getting tired on the way back and kept trying to go to sleep on the bike.  We had to keep waking him up so he wouldn’t topple off the bike. He said he was just “resting his eyes.”  Josh said when he was in the NBA he would come and ride this trail for his cross training. His bike didn’t have a back fender so he ended up with a very mudy back riding through all the puddles.   Halle absolutely loved her bike basket.  She carried all the sunscreen, snacks and water bottles.  Grandpa and Halle and Josh got separated from us at the end of the ride and they ended up with another mile or so under their belts as they made their way back to us. PicMonkey Collage My favorite part were these beach swings we stumbled upon.  This pic of Blake might be my favorite of the whole trip. 2014-10-25 14.53.16 HDR

2014-10-25 14.56.34 HDR

2014-10-25 14.53.58 HDR



















We were so hot and sweaty when were done biking and couldn’t wait for a giant shave ice to cool us off.  We were sorely disappointed in Ono Shave Ice.  YUCK.
2014-10-25 15.42.42

Landon’s flight was leaving later in the evening, so he and my parents went back to pack up while Rusty and I took the kids back to Lydgate beach.  But apparently I didn’t take any pictures of that. The kids played together on the boogie board and in the sand while Rusty and I had a rest on the sand.

We were looking for somewhere fun to go for Landon’s last meal in Hawaii but ran out of time and so we ended up at Costco eating pizza.  And that about sums up our culinary experience in Hawaii. It was actually quite a picturesque outdoor eatery.  Easily the most scenic Costco in America.  We bought some cinnamon rolls to have for breakfast the next morning and the last thing my mom said to me before they left to take Landon to the airport was, “Don’t forget the cinnamon rolls.”  We got in the car and were backing out when a lady comes running up to our car window and asks if the cinnamon rolls left on the table were ours.  I was so grateful that she ran after us.  It saved our breakfast!

Everyone was sad to see Landon go.  We loved every minute we got to spend with him.

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