Blake Preston Banks

After nine LONG months he’s finally here! Blake was born Tuesday, May 26th at 11:38 am. Unlike Linsey and Megan, it was quite uneventful. (But that’s the way we like it!) It was a scheduled induction, so we arrived at the hospital at 6am and got all checked in. They hooked me up to the pitocin at about 7, and by 7:15 I was contracting regularly–about 2 min apart. I had my epidural at around 9:30am. By 11 I was feeling a lot of pressure and when the nurse came to check me she said I was dilated to 10cm and the baby’s head was right there. Dr. Begley came over and 2 contractions later little Blake was born. It was crazy how easy the whole thing was. Since he came out so fast he was pretty smashed and bruised, poor little guy. We got to snuggle and love him for a little while and then they put him on the scale. 9lbs 1 oz and 21 1/4 inches long!!! We were all a little shocked–Rusty and I were sure that this baby was going to be a little smaller, but he was 1 oz bigger than Josh. He was so alert right after he was born–he kept his eyes open for probably 2 hours straight. I swear I didn’t see my other kid’s eyes until they were like 3 days old!
Halle and Josh had a sleepover with Braxton and Kambree (Thanks Brian and Sara) and Rusty went to get them later that afternoon. Side story–Sara was laying by Josh and Brian was laying by Kambree trying to get them to go to sleep. Brian was talking to Kambree and Josh leans his head over and says, “Brian, be quiet–it is past your bedtime.” That little HAM… Anyway, the kids got here and Halle couldn’t get enough of Blake–she just wanted to hold him and look at him and love him. It was really sweet. My favorite Halle quote, “Now I am a DOUBLE big sister!” And she is also quite amazed that he doesn’t have any teeth. Josh wasn’t particularly interested in Blake–he just wanted his present that the baby got for him.
We are so glad Blake is here and we love him so much!

13 thoughts on “Blake Preston Banks

  1. congratulations tara! I can’t believe you have such big babies for being such a tiny mommy! I’m glad labor and delivery were so easy! I haven’t looked at the pictures yet so I am going to right now…


  2. Tara and Fam- we are so excited for you! I love the name Blake! and love your story about the TV and names. Talk about a picture perfect delivery way to go. and thank heaven for Medicine and all they can do to make life comfortable. I’m sure your so grateful to have this new little angel in your arms. He looks prefect. We sure love you guys.


  3. How do you do it! 9lbs 1 oz! Those kids of yours are monsters for anybody let alone a tiny little person like you! Way to go mamma! He is just precious. I hope I meet him soon. What a perfect little guy. Love you so much Tara. I’m glad it went well and that you are both healthy and happy. XOXO!


  4. congrats!!! I am so glad that everything went well…and I think a boring/uneventful delivery is probably a good thing. he looks so cute and I can’t believe another 9 lb. baby. I can’t wait to meet the little guy so come to Utah soon 🙂


  5. CONGRATS!!! He reminds me of Josh when we saw him just after he was born. I love the name- and the stories that went with it. What a cute little guy. You look beautiful and like you've been at a spa or something- so NOT fair!


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