Holly Jolly Christmas

We had such a great time in Utah this Christmas.  People often ask us when we are going to give it up and just have Christmas at home with our own little family.  My answer, “NEVER!”  It’s too much fun being able to spend time with our G&G’s, aunts, uncles, and cousins. (This statement might be depressing to Sharon and Susan who have to work so darn hard while we are there).
The festivities started at the Banks house with the Annual family Christmas Party.  Good food, great company.  This year instead of the traditional Nativity, we did The Friendly Beasts.  All the kids dressed up like animals and adored the Baby Jesus.  It was so cute, and I’m really sad I don’t have a better pic.  Those kids are so wiggly!  The kids loved their presents from Grandma and Grandpa.  They also enjoyed giving and getting gifts from their cousins. 
Banks family christmas party
Next up—skiing on Christmas Eve.  This was Blake and Cohen’s first year.  They were adorable.  Blake was not at all interested in learning, but he was very interested in speeding down the hill.  Josh had a rough start—it was hard to carry his skis up to the tow rope.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to pull out of his onrey mood, but once both of us had a reset we had a great day.  Halle, Bridger, Cory and Rusty went on the “real” lift this year.  Halle did so great!  She picked it up so quickly and had a blast with Bridger.  Rusty’s ski boot (15 yrs old) exploded on his first run down the mountain. I have never seen anything like it.  He had to ski down using only one foot.  What a pro! 
skiing at Sundance
We spent the evening at the Cornell’s enjoying more good food, and more good fun.  The kids got their traditional Christmas Eve pajamas, and this year also got a Beanie Boo stuffy.  They were all instantly in love, and declared members of our extensive stuffy family on the spot. 
Cornell Family Christmas eve The boys were especially enamored with Uncle Landon this year, and could be often found snuggled up by his side.  It was really sweet. 
Christmas morning brought the usual mêlée of excitement and gifts galore.  Silly Santa brought the kids iHomes (speakers and alarm clocks for their ipad/pod) but he brought the wrong one!  Good thing there was plenty of other fun surprises to keep them busy until Mom could order new ones!
 IMG_2794 IMG_2802 IMG_1659IMG_2803
The elves once again did a great job hiding their stockings. 
This is what happens when your mystery mini figure is a GIRL robot.  You lay down on the floor and cry your eyes out. 
securedownload Then it was off to Cory and Lindsey’s to see what the other cousins got from Santa
IMG_2855That evening we held the first annual Cornell Reindeer Games.  So fun.  We played a whole bunch of “Minute to Win It” Type games.  My favorite was the balloon stuffed panty hose made to look like antlers. 
Pretty perfect Christmas if you ask me!

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