Back in action

Whewf—I finally have a few min to myself to catch up on blogging. Kids in bed and Rusty gone off to a YM meeting. Rust has been hogging the computer as of late working on his website, so I’ll have to hurry and finish before he gets home. (Oh no! I spoke too soon! I just heard the garage open!)
We have had a crazy couple of weeks! Both my kids were sick over Christmas, nasty coughs, colds, fevers and ear infections. And just when we thought that was under control Josh started his random throwing up again, and cut two molars, AND Halle’s ear infection returned. So it’s back to Soy formula and antibiotics for us!
Other exciting news–Erie finally has a real Rec Center! It is so beautiful and I love teaching there. (Josh on the other hand, does not appreciate being left in the kids club.) I have also been working some fitness attendant hours (basically manning the wt. room and giving equipment orientations) but hope to phase out of that this next week. Working 10 hrs a week really does me in! 🙂 I started teaching kickboxing as well as my interval training class, and so far it’s been a lot of fun. Erie also opened the new library on Sat. We are just an up and coming town! The library uses RFID technology to check out the books so all you have to do is stack them on the scanner and it checks them all out to you. Very high tech.
And if all that excitement isn’t enough for you, Rusty just got called as the Young Men’s President! Since the ward split and the YM is small, it’s basically the same calling he has now but with more meetings. BOOO. But he will do a great job. Aloha for now! I’ll set up a slide show of some Christmas pics. One funny story–we had to wake Halle up at 9:00 to come see what Santa brought her. This is the SECOND year in a row we’ve had to wake her up Christmas morning! (It’s also the second year in a row she’s been sick at Christmas, poor thing.)

5 thoughts on “Back in action

  1. Phew- dang girl. What aren’t you doing in your already busy life! Congrats on the new Rec Center, Rusty’s calling, and making it through Christmas. I hope the sickies go away soon! Let’s take a breather together soon!

  2. I’ve heard that parents are way more excited about Christmas than the kids are anyway! Mine had to drag me out of bed! Go Rusty….I am sure all those youngins will love him (since he really is a young man himself anyway)!

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