The other fun we had

Making Gingerbread men with the Danise Family.  SO good to see them.
Being pulled on a sled behind the tractor
IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1620
Fun trip to Discover Gateway Children’s Museum
20131228_164305 IMG_1736
Zoo lights!
Josh’s words—We had an “Epic” sledding day
My very favorite thing we did this trip was go to separate dinners with both my parents and Alan and Sharon.  For Christmas we gave them a night out with us.  We always feel like there isn’t time to talk and connect while we are in Utah, and so it was so fun to just have some time to talk, ask questions, and enjoy being together.  On the night we took my parents out we made a totally impromptu visit to the BYU Exhibit, “Sacred Gifts.”  It was absolutely stunning! What a fantastic way to celebrate Christmas—viewing and contemplating images from the life of Christ.  Loved it.  Wish I had some pics! 
We also went to the annual Miller Family party.  Rusty and I cleaned up at Left, Center, Right 🙂
My next favorite thing was spending time with these lovely ladies.  The time flew by way too quickly.  These are some amazing people, and I am honored to call them my friends.  (Of over 15 years!!)

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