Fireworks, the 4th of July. BOOM!


Wow.  Fireworks in NYC are crazy!  Crazy fun!  Awesome Uncle Dan went into the crowd very early to secure us a good spot.  We got pizza for the kiddos and then made our way downtown about 7:30.  We hadn’t realized there would be bag checks at the entrance points and the lines were HUGE.  Danny had called to say we were in danger of losing our spot—the cops didn’t like that he was saving space.  Luckily we found a friendly officer on a side street who let us skip the line. 

I know I know, here I go mentioning the heat again.  But, it was very hot.  I really miss Colorado nights!  It just doesn’t ever cool down out here.  Hot in the morning, hot at night.  Add that to thousands of bodies packed in the street, and it was a hot, stinky 4th!  But the fireworks made it all worth it.  They launched them from 4 barges on the Hudson river, and we could see all 4 explosions in the sky.  And it was so long!  About 25 minutes of fireworks.  The funniest thing ever was after the 1st fireworks went off flocks and flocks of birds were frantically flying away as fast as they could.  That alone was worth the long wait.  Josh was mesmerized and loved every minute of it. 

Funny story—while we were waiting, I heard Blake talking in his high, soft, “Nice” voice.  But, he wasn’t talking to me.  I leaned over and ask him what he was saying.  He said, “I am saying excuse me to those people but they aren’t listening to me.”  I asked him what he wanted from them and he said, “I wanted to ask them if I could have some of their chips!”

When the fireworks were over Carlie and Dan rushed home to get cute Gwen to bed.  Halle asked why they had gone home before us and I said that babies don’t like all the loud noise, and Gwen was tired.  Halle said, “Mom, Gwen sure does disturb Carlie and Danny’s fun, doesn’t she?” 


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