Carryin’ the Banner!

The NYC day I’ve been waiting for finally arrived!  Newsies on Broadway! Newsies was my FAVORITE movie as a kid, and I couldn’t wait to share it with Miss Halle.  We bought the broadway soundtrack a few weeks ago and have been listening to it non-stop.  I’m glad we bought the soundtrack early because there were some changes.  At first I was sad…I didn’t want them to change a word.  But the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.  The show was such high energy!  The songs were wonderful, and the dancing superb.  I loved Jack Kelly.  Davy….not so much.  In the movie Davy is smart AND cool.  In the play he is just a big nerd.  Pulitzer was phenomenal and I really liked the new love interest, the reporter Katherine.  The show did not disappoint, and I want to see it again!! 

We went to Ellen’s Star Dust Diner for dinner before the show and it was a big fail.  Everything near Times Square is expensive, and so you end up paying $20 for a hamburger. And not even an amazing hamburger.  Just a plain old burger.  But at this place the waiters and waitresses are aspiring Broadway stars and they sing all during dinner.  Sounded fun in theory, but in reality it was just really loud.  Our waiter sang to Halle and almost reduced her to tears.  I wouldn’t go there again. 

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