Last Day of school

What a fun year it’s been and it ended with a BANG!  Both kids had field day, and then the boys and I got to come to the Mini Society sale and shop all the great products made by 3rd graders!  Halle says mini society was her favorite part of third grade.  She also loved learning about all the parts of a flower and how they worked.  My favorite part was being able to help plan and participate in the manners breakfast.  Halle’s teacher, Mrs. Cottle, was WONDERFUL!  She is moving to 4th grade next year and we have our fingers crossed that she gets her again.  Here’s Team 120 All Star group hug:


Josh has had such a fun kindergarten year.  He said his favorite part was learning about the chicks and watching them hatch.  He also loved that his best buddy Ez was in his class.  On the last day the kindergartener wore their celebration shirts, and all their classmates signed the back.  Mrs. Delaney also put together the sweetest slide show with pictures from every party, fieldtrip, and fun event throughout the year.  My sweet Josh is so sentimental—he cried his little eyes out and kept saying over and over, “It’s been such a great year, I don’t want it to end.”  My favorite part of kindergarten was getting to volunteer in the classroom.  Josh was always so excited when I would come in.  I hope he always feels that way 😉

IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0579

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