Happy 36th Rust!

We sure do love this Man of ours.  He makes our world go round.  He is the best tramp jumper, wrestler, pillow gamer, and Harry Potter reader around.  We love how he makes us laugh and how he makes us think.  Everyone is so excited when his truck comes roaring into the driveway at the end of the day.  LOVE YOU RUST!

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(This is a worm with a piece of gum from Blake.  He got the idea off Pinterest.)
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The night before his birthday we went on a date night to play tennis.  Then we rode our bikes to downtown Erie and got dessert at 24 Carrot Bistro.  We Rusty decided to go on a little off road adventure up around the back of the cemetery to say hi to Jim.  I’m pleased to say that my road bike handled the trails like a champ.

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On his birthday evening we had the Wright’s over for desert.  These two went to elementary school together! We had strawberry cobbler and then the dads chased the kids all over the golf course in their favorite game, freeze tag.

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