Victoria Garden’s

Tucked back on the east side of Central Park near the Carousel is an adorable little amusement park.  With temps climbing into the 90s later in the week we decided to venture over on our only cool day and give it a whirl.  It was the perfect park for my kids.  Any older and there wouldn’t be enough big kid stuff to do.  Everyone had a good time riding the boats, trains, small roller coasters, and other fun little rides.  They sell unlimited wristbands, and the lines were short, so the kids went on ALL the rides, and lots of them two or three times.  There is NO shade, so on a hot day I can image that it would be pretty miserable, but today was just perfect.  After  we had ridden to our hearts content we headed over to Dylan Candy Bar.  The kids thought this was fun. I did not.  It was SO CROWDED.  Total and utter chaos.  And not the fun NYC kind of chaos.  Just the annoying, frustrating kind.  There is a cute little place on the UWS called Chocolate Works.  Go there instead.  It’s the exact same thing without 100 million people crammed inside. 
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