Baby shower

Mom, Natalie and I threw Carlie a baby shower over Christmas break.  Thank you to the blogging world for providing the inspiration.  Thank you to my Mother for providing the funds 🙂

carlie baby shower EDIT


We served Soda Pop with cute paper straws, popcorn, cake pops, rice crispy treats (snap crackle and pop), “pop”ular spinach dip, and “pop” something healthy (veggie tray)


DSC_0394Cornell girlsSO glad not to be pregnantSee how happy I am NOT to be pregnant? 

One thought on “Baby shower

  1. lol… that last picture's caption was too funny. 😉
    What a cute and great idea! I'm going to send this to a friend throwing a shower this week who is looking for ideas. You are so creative! Love it! You look so great btw… and we're so happy for blog frog and your family! We just got back from NYC and I was thinking of you.


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