New England Aquarium

The Penguins and the Giant Sea Turtle were the runaway favorites at the Aquarium today.  The seals and the octopus contended for second place.  Everybody also really liked touching the stingrays. 

new england aquarium

After the aquarium, we weren’t quite ready to call it a day.  It was about 72 degrees and perfectly sunny, so we decided to go exploring around the Harbor.  We found Christopher Columbus Park right by the water and enjoyed spotting jellyfish in the water as well as playing at the playground.  On our way to get cupcakes at Lulu’s we ran into an unexpected surprise—the Greenway Carousel.  As we have a family pact to always ride new carousels wherever, whenever we see them, we immediately jumped in line to grab tickets.  These animals were so unique.  Lobsters, butterfllies, grasshoppers, sea turtles—the kids had a hard time choosing what animal to be!

boston harbor and greenway carousel

Love my adventurous little family!


One thought on “New England Aquarium

  1. Loving all these posts Tara! I had a little laugh because the pic with Blake on your lap is so confusing. Your legs look like they could be his. 😂😂😂


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