Remembering Uncle Lew

Rusty’s Uncle, Lewis Bankhead, unexpectedly passed away at the end of July.  It was such a shock, and so so sad.  We jumped in our car and headed to Utah for the funeral.  It was such a beautiful service and I came away wanting to be a better parent and friend.  Each of his wonderful children spoke at the funeral, and it was absolutely beautiful.  Here are some of my favorite quotes and ideas from Lew’s life.

“Discipline is the soul of an Army”

“In order to be happy, you have to have accomplishments”

“We are in control of our own happiness”

“Be a contributor.  Be positive. Be happy.  Motion creates emotion. Act it out and it will be so.”

And my favorite, “If we don’t help (insert name here), who are we going to help? 

Lew, you will be sorely missed!

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Big Rusty and Little Rusty 🙂

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