Hippo Park

We finally left the comfort of Central Park and headed west to explore Riverside Park.  We are sandwiched right in the middle of these two amazing parks.  Riverside is set right on the Hudson River, and I LOVE to run along the Hudson River trail.  We took the kids walking in the park and discovered the Hippo Playground.  It is the best playground we’ve been to to date.  It’s huge, has swings, sand, slides, and water features, lots of big, shady trees, and the best part—BATHROOMS!!  Hip hip hooray!  We liked it so much we came two days in a row.  The second day we stayed for 4 hours, and the kids still didn’t want to leave. Before coming we walked to one of the many UWS toy stores and bought some fun sand toys.  The kids had a great time building sand castles, and using the buckets to play in the water.  I had a great time reading my book 🙂 (And pushing Josh and Blake in the swings over and over again.)
PicMonkey Collage

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