Portland Bubble Run. The McBanks Get Bubbly

Our kids are the perfect age for this race.  It’s basically like a 5k bubble bath.  We got up early and made our way over to the Portland International Raceway.  The start was seamless which was really impressive because there were about 6,000 runners. Here we are all nice and clean before we started.
Bubble Run start
We were doused in bubbles immediately at the start line and then every 1k after that.  Each of the bubble stations were a different color and by the end everyone’s shirt was pretty colorful.  Red was by far the most dominate color.  The kids had a blast.  The little boys would totally be buried in the wall of bubbles and they’d come out covered from head to toe.  Very quickly our shoes were very wet and sudsy.
during bubble run

The 5k flew by and soon we saw the finish line.  We were all a little disappointed because there were no bubbles as we crossed the line.  It felt a little anti-climatic.  But not to worry, what we couldn’t immediately see was the massive after party. It was a big dance party with bubble everywhere. The kids could lay down and swim in all the bubbles.  We played and played until we were all covered head to toe in bubbles and soap.
after party2016-08-13 09.59.53-12016-08-13 09.51.45-1

We had planned to immediately go to lunch after the run.  Obviously that wasn’t happening.  We were carrying lbs of suds in our clothes.  We cleaned off best we could and then drove back home for quick showers.  The kids were sad to learn that their colorful shirts were going to wash away in the washer.  So, we snapped some pictures to remember them.  Lots of the color washed out in the white bubbles of the dance party, but they still look pretty cool. From left to right: Halle, Blake, Josh.

Kimberlie put together this awesome video.  The kids LOVE it.  We’ll never forget when the McBanks got Bubbly!

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