Concert in the Park

One of the coolest things about New York is that you can find some really fun kid friendly activity EVERY SINGLE DAY.  There are story times, both outside and inside, there are crafts, plays, yoga, dancing, fairs and concerts. We decided to give the NYC kid music scene a try.  We went down to Madison Square Park and went to a fun little concert.  This is how the NYC family scene rolls:


IMG_1851There was this really interesting sculpture garden in the middle of the park.  There were all these weird, bright shapes, and they were set to music that changed according to where, and how, you touched it.  It kids were so intrigued and loved exploring all the strange sounds they could make.
But the concert was really just an excuse to FINALLY get to the Shake Shack. In its original location.  YUM.  Josh had a peanut butter milkshake, and Halle chose strawberry.  Blake enjoyed sips of both.  While we were at the Shake Shack, we met the funniest little squirrel.  He was running around like crazy gathering up crumbs from the ground.  He found a napkin, and he ravenously tore it to shreds.  He was so disappointed when it turned out not to be edible.  Then it started to pour rain.  3 kids and a stroller in the middle of NYC in the middle of a downpour is quite the adventure.  Umbrellas everywhere, and frantically scrambling to find the nearest subway station.  I don’t usually miss my car, but I miss it when it rains. 


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