Happy Birthday Rusty

Rusty is so lucky—he got to spend his birthday in the greatest city on earth.  I got up early for my morning run with an ulterior motive in mind.  I had researched the best bagels on the UWS and was led to Absolute Bagels on 107th and Broaday.  That would be a perfect little 4ish mile jog, so I set off to bring the birthday boy the best bagels around.  I got to the store and it smelled delicious.  I ordered our breakfast, and pulled out my credit card to pay.  Uh oh….cash only.  Luckily there was a bank right around the corner.  BUT…I didn’t know my credit card PIN, so no cash for me.  I was sad to return home empty handed.  But wait!  This is NYC—there are new treasures to be discovered on every corner!  On my jog home I ran past Dunkin Donuts.  Not the NY institution I was hoping for, but they would take my credit card.  Sold.  We enjoyed our breakfast at our little glass table and Rusty went to work.  This is where our next covert mission began.  Rusty also loves Black and White Cookies.  Again, I did my research, and it came down to William Greenberg on 82nd and Madison and Nussbaum & Wu’s on 113th and Broadway.  The west had already failed me once today so I decided to try my luck on the UES. (And I’ve been dying to get in touch with my inner Blair Waldorf).  On our way the kids wanted to ride the Carousel in Central Park.  We made the trek to the Carousel and it didn’t disappoint.  Blake named his horse Galaxy, and it was love at first sight.  Here’s how he felt when we left….DSC_0359

Just some scenic pics from the park:DSC_0352DSC_0353

The kids found this cool rock that doubled as a slide!DSC_0364

We plan on having lots of picnics in Central Park this summer.  Here’s a picture of the first one:

Finally, we made our way to William Greenburg.  And we bought a lot of black and white cookies 🙂

Josh and Halle have dubbed the playground on 81st and Central Park  West the “Metal Park” and it’s Josh’s favorite.  So, we walked and walked back to the west side and burned some energy at the park.  Blake took a nap. 

The next part of the birthday adventure lead us to Little Italy for dinner.  Rusty didn’t have anywhere specific in mind, so we wandered into Fiat.  Which I’d give a solid “good.”  We shared a veggie Panini. On the way back to the subway, Rice to Riches caught Rusty’s eye.  It touted 20 different kinds of rice pudding.  Me, I can take it or leave it, but Rusty quite likes rice pudding and so he wanted to give it a go.  We got 2 flavors,  hazelnut and caramel.  I have forever changed my opinion of rice pudding.  THIS WAS SO YUMMY!!!  rusty's birthday in little italy

The kids had prepared a birthday party for Dad complete with decorations, so we got home, “opened” presents (UPS in NYC is a whole other post….) and sang happy birthday, minus the candles.  (But not for lack of trying.  I went to about 5 places looking for them.)    photo 1 (6)

Happy Birthday to the most handsome, motivated, amazing man I know!

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