It was just us for Thanksgiving again this year.  I actually really like cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and get a little carried away.  Although there were only 4 of us, I made 3 pies, a 14lb turkey, and mashed potatoes to feed an army, among other things.  I worked for two days getting everything ready. Thanksgiving is a meal at my house where we DO NOT eat healthy.  Real butter on everything, full fat gravy, sugar galore–it is a feast.  Well, my baby is used to eating cereal, white bread, and fruit. And she (I’m almost sure it’s a she) really was not a fan of Thanksgiving dinner, and she let me know it for two days straight.  It will be a LONG time before I eat turkey again….

Now for a Halle story.  We had been talking about the meaning of Thanksgiving and how it is important to say Thank you to our Heavenly Father for all our blessings.  I told her that one of the best ways we can thank Heavenly Father is by sharing what we have with others.  She had received a Walmart gift card for her birthday that she has been really excited to go and spend.  I told her there were lots of kids out there who didn’t have nice toys like she did.  Then I gave her a choice to either buy a fun new toy for herself, or to pick out a toy to donate to a toy drive for a little girl who doesn’t have very much.  She chose to pick a toy for someone else, and she had so much fun doing it.  She was really picky about the toy she chose–I kind of thought she would just pick up the first one that looked ok, but she searched up and down the aisles, and compared a bunch of different ones before settling on a My Little Pony that had clothes you could change.  Halle loves to serve others, even just in our family and I am so thankful for her sweet, generous little heart.  
Now on to Josh.  On Thanksgiving morning we took the kids to see Bolt.  (BTW, GREAT time to go to the movies–there were about 5 other people in the theater!) There is this one part near the end of the movie where Bolt thinks his owner, Penny, doesn’t love him anymore.  Right at this exact moment Josh starts to cry.  Rusty and I chuckle at the concidence that he would cry right at this sad part in the movie.  But then he started pointing to the screen and saying things like, “Poor Doggy! Doggy so sad!”  He was really feeling sad for Bolt!  In fact he got so distraught that I had to take him out of the theater for a few minutes.  My sweet, sensitive little guy!

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. I am sorry that your little baby didn’t like Thanksgiving dinner. I also have to say I am so impressed by sweet Halle. I can’t believe she gave up her gift card to get a gift for another child. What a selfless child she is! Just today we were talking with the kids on what we could do for those that had less than us, and Brynn said she could give up one of her toys. I think we need to work a little hard on her. Talk to you soon. Loves


  2. Sounds fun! Except for maybe the after thanksgiving part–sorry little baby banks didn’t like it. I am impressed that you went to such great lengths while prego for your little family. I’m not usually very productive when I am pregnant. And I am totally impressed at your sensitive and unselfish kids. Way to go mom and dad! You guys deserve a little credit for that I think. 🙂


  3. We took the family to Bolt the day after Thanksgiving. I had 7 of my 10 grandchilden there. Keli’s little Averi was sitting by me and she too cried at that part of the movie. I had to tell her that Bolt would be ok. I agree with you that it is fun to cook for Thanksgiving! We had quite the feast at our house too.


  4. Hey Tara and Rusty, it’s Scott and Heather Pearce, from the old Logan, Utah Student ward remember us? I came across the email you sent me when you started your blog. I finally took the time to look at your blog. It’s so cute and I can’t believe how big Halle is. She was one or so when you left. We also have a blog and would love to invite you to see it if you want too. I am paranoid so it’s private, but email me and I’ll invite you in. It’s nice to see how great you all are doing!Love the Pearce’s!Email:


  5. We missed you guys for Thanksgiving this year! It sounds like you made an awesome meal though. Way to go, that is one thing that I have never made…a turkey.


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