Our first CO summer

July 13, 05
Things have settled into normal life again. Everyone is back to their normal
routine. Rust goes to work and Halle and I go to the gym, park, and the pool. Although
day to day life is pretty much the same, we have had a few adventures. A few weeks ago
we went bike riding on the Boulder Creek trial with our neighbors Janice and Kyle and
their little boy Jake. It was a fun ride and we stopped at
the farmers market on the way home. Halle loves Jake. She yells and runs to him every time she sees him.Over the 4th of July weekend we went hiking at Chautauqua park. Halle did not want to be in her hiking backpack and was throwing a fit. But as soon as we told her it was Dora’s backpack and sang the little song she was thrilled to go init. Kids are so
funny. Halle loves to play with the rocks and see all the dogs when we go hiking.
Ashley and Skyler came over for dinner on Sunday night and then we walked
down the road to watch the Erie town fireworks that were happening at the golf course.
Halle loved to watch all the little fireworks that everyone was setting off , but as soon as
the big show started she rushed to Rusty’s lap and sat there shaking the entire time. Shewas a little scared of all the noise, but when all was said and done she clapped and asked for more.
Halle is starting to string words together—mostly ones involving daddy. “Daddy’s shoes, Daddy’s bike, Daddy work” stuff like that. She can count to 2—big accomplishment, I know. She loves going for rides in her bike trailer and going swimming. She runs in and out and in and out of the pool and lov es to splash in the sprayers. Still no real swimming though. She has lost all her talent in the water. Sad sad.
cute hikerDSCF0359DSCF0361DSCF0365DSCF0372DSCF0377DSCF0378DSCF0392

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