The first morning we were here I jumped in the shower.  I was washing my hair and saw something scuttle across the shower floor.  It was a COCKROACH!!  EWWWW.  I screamed and yelled for Rusty to come get it.  Like the brave man he is, he calmly picked it up and squashed it.  Pretty sure Halle is totally traumatized.  She now refuses to shower in our bathroom.  Me?  I’m used to cockroaches.  I lived in Hawaii 🙂

And here is one of the many, many rats that haunt the subway tunnels.  Surprisingly the kids weren’t grossed out at all.  They wanted to bring him home for a pet.
rat on the subway

2 thoughts on “Eww….

  1. What a fun adventure for your family! I don't know about the cockroaches and rats though… I loved your post about your first time in your ward and the building. How does the baptistry work in that building? Is it just its own separate thing? You have me curious and wanting to come there to see it ALL myself!


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