We are a Happy Family

Megan shot some Banks family pics over Christmas.  These are the first pics we’ve had done of our family since wedding pics.  And now there are 10 grandkids.  I’d say we were way overdue!  My favorite is the one of all the cute kids.  Boy oh boy–those kids must come from some good genes 🙂


Mom and Kids


6 thoughts on “We are a Happy Family

  1. Yay! I love the pic. I can't believe how well the grandkid picture turned out. Thanks for organizing the whole thing. What a priceless thing for Sharon to have. Loves, Kami


  2. Those pictures turned out so cute! Meg did a great job. Most every one is smiling,and at least they are all looking at the camera, and hey, with ten kids, can you really ask for more?


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