Selling Punch

A few weekends ago we watched Brax and Bree while Sara and Brian went on an overnight anniversary get-away. My kids had been looking forward to it for WEEKS, and it didn’t disappoint. Everyone had so much fun. We got to take Brax to his soccer game, (he’s quite the little athlete!)eat LOTS of pizza, and watch a movie with popcorn. But hands down the favorite thing they did was set up a punch stand. First they drew pictures that they were going to sell. Then they made signs saying “Punch 10 cents.” They set up their table, taped the sign to a tree, and were ready to go. Unfortunately, my street had NO ONE out that day. So I gave them all dimes and they played “customer” with each other. Rusty and I got a turn as well. Everyone drank way too much punch and they all had cute little orange mustaches.
Braxton and Kambree were sleeping on a blow-up mattress in Josh and Halle’s room. Josh was SO upset that he wasn’t sleeping on the mattress, so I relented and threw a pillow at the bottom for him. It made him so happy. I was really surprised that they all fell asleep pretty quickly. I think we’d exhausted them all. Halle’s already asking when they can come stay again. We’d have them anytime!

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