Josh Turns 3

My sweet baby Josh turned three!  Where has the time gone?  We had a fun day opening presents, playing with said presents, having a little preschool party, and then going to McDonalds for dinner.  Where he ended up stuck up in the top of the playplace, crying, like he always does.  I tried to talk him out of McDonalds but he insisted!  We of course had ice cream for dessert and sang Happy Birthday.  I seriously feel like he should still be a little baby, and always call him “my baby Josh.”  He doesn’t so much like that anymore and will stomp his foot and say, “Mom, I’m a BIG boy now.”  Too bad Josh….you are still my little guy.  Here’s some facts about the birthday boy:

1. He’s been a cuddler since the second he was born.  If you are having a bad day and need a good hug, Josh is your man.  He loves to cuddle up and pretend he’s a puppy.  He also often wants either Rusty or I to crawl in bed with him until he falls asleep. (which never happens because as soon as you lay down with him he then wants you to play with him)

2. He is very polite.  Ever since he was tiny he always has said please and thank you.  And he has a “nice voice.”  Which means he talks really high and whispery

3. He loves his big sister.  These two are the best little friends–they play together non-stop, and I appreciate that so much!

4. He loves to “drive” Rusty’s car.  He gets in the drivers seat, pushes all the buttons, turns on the wipers, hazards, brights, you name it, he pushes it.  He keeps asking me if he is almost 16 so he can really drive. 

5. He loves the movie “Cars.”  He would watch it 24 hours a day.  Good thing it’s only at Grandma’s house!

6. He is very attached to his 4 (no that is not a typo) blankets and his “Mr. Bear.”

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silly preschool friends - Copy

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